Get Close to Nature on a Samui Elephant Sanctuary Experience

Date: 17-02-2020

Get close to nature and enjoy a unique interaction with elephants on Koh Samui at the Samui Elephant Sanctuary – an ethical and sustainable tourism project that strictly promotes a no riding policy.

Introducing ‘Tastes of the Night’

In Hong Kong as well as other cities in Asia, Europe, and the United States, there are recorded imported cases, however the situation is currently under control with immigration officers implementing measures to conduct temperature screenings and health declarations upon all arrivals.

Embark on a Local Living History Tour with ‘Our Home’ Experience in Yangon

Doh Eain, which translates to “our home” in Burmese, is a multi-discipline restoration and placemaking social enterprise based in Yangon, Myanmar, specializing in preserving heritage, improving public spaces, and organising cultural and social activities that connect people to places.

Dao Khanong Canal Cruise in Bangkok

Date: 13-11-2019

Often referred to as the “Venice of the East”, Bangkok features several canals which spread out through the city from the majestic Chao Phraya River.

New Year Tales and Culinary Expeditions in Hong Kong 

Hong Kong is one of the most talked-about dining destinations in the world: it’s where celebrity chefs from across the globe compete to showcase their talent, and where diners come in droves to be the first to tuck in.

New Guangzhou Cruise Port is Now Open

China’s southern city of Guangzhou opened its new Nansha International Cruise homeport on 17 November 2019. Upon opening, the port offers one 225,000-gigatonne megaship-ready berth and one 100,000-gigatonne berth for mid-sized vessels.

Hong Kong Cruise Operations Remain Unaffected

Currently, no cruise calls have been cancelled due to the recent disruptions in Hong Kong. Cruise companies are closely monitoring the political situation as it evolves.

Introducing Our Wildlife Viewing & Animal Welfare Guide

Our aim is to provide the best wildlife viewing experience for our clients, while ensuring the wildlife in the areas we visit is not disturbed. Destination Asia is only working with suppliers in animal-based activities who meet the strictest level of animal welfare criteria.