Hong Kong Cruise Operations Remain Unaffected

Date: 13-11-2019

Currently, no cruise calls have been cancelled due to the recent disruptions in Hong Kong. Cruise companies are closely monitoring the political situation as it evolves.

Introducing Our Wildlife Viewing & Animal Welfare Guide

Our aim is to provide the best wildlife viewing experience for our clients, while ensuring the wildlife in the areas we visit is not disturbed. Destination Asia is only working with suppliers in animal-based activities who meet the strictest level of animal welfare criteria.

Bali’s Long-awaited New Cruise Terminal Nears Completion

Originally scheduled for completion in December 2018, the highly anticipated new cruise terminal at the Port of Benoa in Bali, Indonesia, recently completed the dredging of a new water channel and estimates construction is at 90%.

Our Regional Director, Alvin Materi, reflects on our teams’ accomplishments during off-season

In the lead-up to cruise season, the Cruise Asia team has been busy attending tradeshows, hosting workshops, and leading challenging turnaround calls during which our teams proved once again why we are the best in the business.

Komodo National Park Will Remain Open for Tourism

Date: 08-10-2019

Indonesian Authorities have announced that Komodo National Park, including the island of Komodo itself, will now remain open for tourism.

Our Regional Director, Alvin Materi reveals why August is his favourite time of the year.

Date: 22-08-2019

As the region’s leading shoreside service and excursions provider for international cruise lines, this is the month we really kick into gear with preparations for the upcoming season. We also hit the road to participate in both regional and international cruise events, as well as our own roadshows.

Wanvipa Phanumat Joins Destination Asia as Group Sustainability Manager

Wanvipa joined Destination Asia on 01 August 2019 in their Head Office located in Bangkok. Wanvipa brings extensive experience across a number of sustainability and community-based tourism organizations, including public offices, hotel and tourism departments and as a local community consultant.

Melaka International Cruise Terminal Underway

Melaka International Cruise Terminal is a new cruise port situated in Melaka Gateway, an off-shore development of artificial islands in Malacca, Malaysia. Still under development, the new port is in its first phase with two berths planned, accommodating ships up to 362 metres.