Penang’s Swettenham Pier Cruise Terminal Expanded to Handle 12,000 Passengers

A major point of entry for tourists by sea, Penang’s recently upgraded Swettenham Pier Cruise Terminal (SPCT) can now handle 12,000 passengers up from the previous 8,000 while the terminal’s berthing area can now accommodate two Oasis-class vessels at the same time. The solid deck wharf of 400m was extended by 220m towards the north of the terminal, and the breasting and mooring dolphin was increased by 50m and 68m. Two new link bridges will also be constructed to connect the breasting and mooring dolphin.

Over the next five years, three other phases involving preliminary upland and terminal improvement are also set to be completed, including the berth expansion which is expected to start in 2023 and is scheduled for completion within a year. The proposed terminal improvements will involve the restructuring of the existing terminal to allow simultaneous flow and movement, plus embarkation and disembarkation of passengers for the homeporting cruise, port of call cruise and regional ferries.

The three-storey high terminal building, which occupies a total area of 15,005 sq. metres, has the ideal facilities for cruise passengers arrivals and departures. The terminal is able to cater for larger cruise vessels carrying more than 2,000 passengers and also equipped facilities such as shopping lots and transportation facilities. Located within the UNESCO Heritage Site, the terminal has not only functioned as an international cruise vessels destination but has also served as a catalyst in the development of the local and international tourism industry.

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