We are Working to Make it Easier to Travel Sustainably

At Cruise Asia by Destination Asia we believe that every experience should be conducted in the most socially responsible and holistically sustainable way possible. We have taken great steps in the past year and strive to conduct our business in a socially responsible and ethical manner – in a way that is good for the communities in which we work, the environment, people and our business. Therefore any activity we undertake endeavors to tread lightly on the planet; empowering travelers and local communities to leave a positive impact on the surrounding environments in which they visit or live.

Since becoming a member of the Travelife scheme in March 2017, we have joined with other DMCs as members of the ‘Elephant camp welfare and sustainability standard and assessment initiative’. At present no widely accepted set of criteria and evaluation system is present for Elephant camps in Asia. As a key member of the group, we will help develop common standards and tools in order to jointly evaluate suppliers and ultimately, motivate camps towards improved animal welfare and sustainability standards.

We’ve also created a Group anti-bribery and corruption policy, further showing our commitment to ethical business practices and in particular, to compliance at all times with applicable anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws in all countries where we carry out business. In 2016 we achieved STEPS sustainability certification from Sustainable Travel International in Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Singapore and Malaysia.

Recent actions and achievements:

March: Joined the Travelife sustainability in tourism scheme and became a key member of the Elephant Camp Welfare and Sustainability Standard Assessment Initiative.

May: Working with RefilNotLandfil to introduce re-useable bottles in selected destinations to reduce plastic waste within the company.

…Future: By end of 2017 we aim to be a Travelife Partner and have introduced re-useable bottles into two of our destinations.

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