Theo Dunkley Joins Destination Asia Japan as Director of Cruise Operations

Theo brings to Destination Asia Japan over 20 years of solid work history in the hospitality and tourism industry, encompassing airline, cruise and hotel sectors. Coupled with his ‘no problem, all is possible’ Jamaican mentality, it has enabled him to hone a highly versatile skill-set. This allows for an in-depth understanding of the various components required to deliver an exceptional guest experience at every phase of their journey. This is topped off with the belief that, ‘diversity & inclusion mines the best of humanity’ – thus making established goals easier to attain and surpass!

A former onboard Shore Excursion Manager for over 12 years, he was one of the pioneers assisting with the development of Asia as a cruise destination when cruising was in its infancy in the region. A passionate traveler, Theo has visited more than 60% of the world in addition to living and working in multiple countries, including: Jamaica, USA, Italy, Norway and Sweden.

Asia however is his favorite region, with Japan being a favorite. The cuisine, culture and people are unlike anywhere else in the world says Theo.

Cruise Asia by Destination Asia Japan currently operates close to 50% of the over 100 ports in Japan. The goal is to develop and offer more unique ports of call than any other DMC operating in Japan, thus positioning the company as the undisputed leader in the luxury cruising sector. The Japan cruise sector has seen tremendous growth which is forecast to continue, especially with Japan hosting the 2020 Olympics – she will no doubt be placed prominently on the premier destination radar!

Contact Theo at: [email protected]

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