Wanvipa Phanumat Joins Destination Asia as Group Sustainability Manager

Wanvipa joined Destination Asia on 01 August 2019 in their Head Office located in Bangkok. Wanvipa brings extensive experience across a number of sustainability and community-based tourism organizations, including public offices, hotel and tourism departments and as a local community consultant. Most recently she worked as Deputy Director at the office of Community-based Tourism Development at Designated Areas for Sustainable Tourism Administration. She has previously lived and worked in the United Kingdom, returning to Thailand to pursue a career in sustainability.

Wanvipa will work closely with David Andrews, Destination Asia’s Group Marketing & Communications Director, its country leaders and the appointed sustainability champions within each destination, to ensure key sustainability priorities are addressed.

Destination Asia has achieved Travelife Partner status in three operating countries (Indonesia, Thailand & Malaysia), with the onboarding of Wanvipa showing increased commitment to developing operations along a more sustainable path. Wanvipa will also be responsible for aligning the Group’s CSR activities to ensure long term commitment and success.

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