The Pegu Club in Yangon

The Pegu Club was established in 1882 by the British and is one of the few landmarks in modern Yangon that features Georgian and Victorian architectural designs. Over the years, the club has remained an intimate part of Yangon’s history and went on to inspire world-famous novels and cocktails. English writer Rudyard Kipling found his visit so memorable, he later wrote about it in his travel essays ‘From Sea To Sea’ in 1889. During a visit why not try The Pegu Club Cocktail. Named after The Pegu Club, the drink is a classic gin-based cocktail. The prominent Myanmar cocktail is the signature drink of the club and is now known around the world. The renowned cocktail has a refreshingly tart, citrusy flavour profile, best enjoyed in a chilled cocktail glass with a slice of lime. The club is an excellent choice for those passengers wishing to explore Yangon and experience a time in recent history when novelists would have stood chatting at the bar and horse and carts trundled past the windows.

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