Newly Renovated Wat Arun in Bangkok Open to Visitors

The recent restoration of the iconic stupa of the Temple of Dawn, more commonly known as Wat Arun, has been completed in line with its original detailing and technical principles.

The world-famous Temple of Dawn pagoda, known internationally as Wat Arun, will officially be reopened the end of this year after being closed to visitors for three years to undergo repairs and renovation along with other structures in the temple compound. Photographers visiting the city will be relieved to hear this news as the city’s most iconic landmark has been swathed in scaffolding for the past several years. The 66.8-metre-high pagoda is the main feature of Wat Arun, which is decorated with seashells and fragments of Chinese porcelain that glimmer in the sunshine.

A ten day-long celebration of the completion of Wat Arun’s renovations will take place at the end of this year from 27 December 2017 through to 5 January, 2018.

The festivities will include a tribute to Somdet Phra Chao Krung Thon Buri (King Taksin the Great), who ordered the previous restoration of the temple during his reign, along with ancient cultural and Thai dance performances. There will also be an exhibition on the temple’s history, showcasing the importance of its role in Thai society, highlighted by a display of award-winning photos of the temple taken over the years with the first images of Wat Arun dating back to 1865.

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