Port upgrade

The port of Benoa on the resort island of Bali is going to be upgraded to convert it into a major hub for cruise ships.

The improvement will make Benoa an arrival and departure point for cruise ships from around the world, with cruise operators establishing their home base in Bali. Currently, Benoa is a destination port and it receives cruise ships that drop off passengers to tour the island who then re-embark to continue their journey on the same ship.

Benoa is situated on the southern coast of the island and it provides easy access to nearby Kuta, the best known resort area on the island. To become a hub port, the seaport authority needs to propose a master plan to the provincial administration and the Denpasar administration for approval. Ahead of this, the relevant authorities will jointly improve facilities in order to meet the requirements needed to gain hub port status. Facilities that need to be upgraded include port basins, the channel, and the wharf which needs to be expanded to enable three cruise ships to berth at any one same time.