Program Ideas Departing the Port of Tanjung Wangi in Banyuwangi

Located on the East coast of Java, the Port of Tanjung Wangi features the ability to handle ships with a 518 meter wharf and functional passenger terminal. The area is home to many natural history and water-focused excursions which can be incorporated into a successful port of call. Some program ideas include:

Baluran National Park – featuring savanna landscapes, lowland and mangrove forests and Mt. Baluran (1,247 meters) as its highest peak. Ijen Crater is the largest volcanic crater-lake in Java at 200 meters deep, containing 36million cubic meters of water

Jagir Waterfall boasts twin waterfalls approximately 25 meters high that have the same form and feature a fresh natural swimming pool.

Osing Village allows travelers to meet the tribe of Kemiren Village, who have preserved their ancestors elaborate tradition and rituals dating back to the time of the Majapahit Kingdom.

Tabuhan and Menjangan Islands both feature spectacular marine gardens, with coral reefs housing myriad shellfish, sponges, crayfish and marine plants.

Or head to Red Beach, famed for its spectacular pink-reddish soil.