Port Charges Lifted in the City of Osaka

The Port & Harbor Bureau of the City of Osaka in Japan recently lifted port charges for visiting cruise ships in a bid to increase convenience and attract more vessels.The exemption covers various fees that the city had been charging for all cruise calls, regardless of vessel size. The lift of charges covers entry, wharfage, water supply, passenger gangway and passenger terminal levies. Costs charged by private sector companies still remain in place, including pilotage and tugs fees.

The aim is to build on the 22 cruise ships that visited the port in 2013. In the first six months of 2014, ten international cruise vessels and two domestic ships called. Its cruise berth is located along the city’s vibrant waterfront, with highlights of the area including Osaka Castle (image), Sitennouji-Temple and array of delicious local food to sample. The city also provides easy access to tourist sites in Nara and Kyoto, Japan’s imperial capital.