Overview of the Current Restrictions Affecting Cruise in Asia Following COVID-19

At this time of crisis, we remain committed to providing you with the information and support you need. In order to provide an overview of Port and Country restrictions affecting Cruise in Asia following the COVID-19 outbreak, we created a centralised online system. While we endeavour to keep this page up to date, though due to the rapidly changing environment, the information below might not reflect the exact current situation.

Click here, or on the image below to open the Cruise Asia by Destination Asia COVID-19 report site.


Rather than inundating our partners with updates, we also maintain a dedicated Destination Asia COVID-19 page with details on; visa/entry restrictions, hotel, venue, and site & supplier closures and proposed opening dates. The page contains a central spreadsheet with a tab in the footer allowing easy navigation between countries. The information presented within the site is updated regularly and we will maintain the site as long as it is necessary, providing the details you’ll need once signs of a recovery emerge.

Click here to view the latest updates from Destination Asia.