Komodo National Park Fee Increase 

Life is getting back to normal after 700 workers in the Komodo National Park went on strike earlier this month in protest over a proposed increase in entrance fees. Workers say the price hike – up from 200,0000 rupiah (US$13) to 3,750,000 rupiah (US$250) – threatens their livelihoods by reducing the number of tourists visiting the Komodo National Park. 

The strike was called off after just one day and by 3-Aug, all public facilities in the region were open as usual, including the Labuan Bajo Airport and Harbour. Loh Liang — the gateway for the majority of cruise ship passengers — as well as Padar Island are open, without any increase in the entrance fees at this time. Rinca Island is still closed for a minor renovation.

By increasing the entrance fees, the government is aiming to reduce the number of visitors to Komodo Island and protect it as a conservation area. The latest update is that after receiving input from local public figures, tourism industries, and also direct guidance from the President of the local government, it has been decided to hold and postpone the new entrance fees until 1-Jan 2023. For now, we must wait until an official statement is issued in relation to the new entrance fees and any additional conditions set by the government for cruise vessels calling to the park.

For more information, please contact Agus Jaya, our Indonesia Cruise Manager who can be reached at: [email protected]

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