Kokura & Hiraodai Limestone Plateau

Moji Port boasts an excellent location in the center of North-Eastern Asia and serves as a gateway to Kyushu, the main island of Southern Japan. Cruise Asia by Destination Asia (Japan) has created an enticing program that introduces the island of Kyushu from the moment you arrive in Moji Port. Japan presents juxtaposition of old and new; pioneering financial centers and delicately preserved ancient relics. During our program we introduce guests to both sides of Japan, providing a rounded outlook of this stunning destination.

Alongside an introduction to the burgeoning financial center of Kokura, Kyushu’s financial district, guests are treated to a guided tour of Kokura Castle – a masterfully restored 17th century heritage building. The castle is home to magnificently landscaped grounds and intricately designed gardens. Lunch is taken within the grounds with plenty of relaxation time to explore the surroundings.

We then continue to Hiraodai Limestone Plateau (image), Japan’s most impressive karst plateau where an abundance of pure white limestone outcrops has created an intriguing landscape. Guests can explore the underground caverns and explore an underground stream that runs through Hiraodai Senbutsu Cave.

This is an excellent excursion for those wanting to learn more about Japan’s culture, architectural heritage and natural beauty.