Introducing our Responsible Travel Tips & Guidelines

At Cruise Asia by Destination Asia we are continually developing new ways to ensure travellers not only experience a series of unforgettable encounters but connect on a level that is not detrimental to the destination. We want to ensure that each traveller has a positive impact, becoming part of the solution when it comes to responsible travel. By involving travellers, resident suppliers, small businesses and others in the local supply chain, we help form positive relationships and grow together in a way that benefits everyone.

The ‘Cruise Asia: Responsible Travel Tips & Guidelines’ booklet is an online guide used to train staff and guides, provide our partners with useful information, and give travellers better insight on how to travel responsibly. This guide is available for download here. For our partners, the booklet is also available on the Agent Hub, while a shorter, user-friendly version will be provided via QR code in welcome packs for ease of use.

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