Inle Heritage Overland Program

Cruise Asia by Destination Asia Myanmar has created an overland program venturing to Inle Lake that incorporates activities managed by Inle Heritage, a not-for-profit organization helping preserve the nature and culture of Inle Lake.

Inle Heritage began as a place to house rare Burmese cats, later transforming into a foundation for preserving Inle Lake’s unique heritage. When Inle Heritage opened in 2009, founder Yin Myo Su and Chef Naing Win dug deep into their old family recipes to put a modern twist on the region’s local cuisine. Their focus was on providing accommodation, a restaurant serving local food and cooking classes. Their menu is inspired by local Inthar cuisine with a modern twist.

They use only locally sourced food to make their delicious dishes. And where possible, they grow their own ingredients. In an effort to support local farmers, they stray from imported foods in plastic wrappers to avoid wasting both money and energy transporting food.

With each meal, the guest is helping fund social projects to train local children in the field of hospitality and cooking. The Inle Heritage mission is simple: Building sustainability for the next generation.

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