The Hidden Beaches of Hong Kong a Pleasant Surprise

Expectations of Hong Kong are often of restricted to a dazzling skyline and Chinese-infused street markets. However, there is an often overlooked side to Hong Kong. Despite the high density living, approximately 60% of Hong Kong is natural terrain with arguably the most beautiful area being Tai Long Wan, a bay on the east coast of the Sai Kung Peninsula. The region has numerous hiking routes including sections of the Macklehose Trail.

Passengers are taken to Sai Kung, the starting point for a countryside walk to Sai Wan. Along the way guests are treated to exceptional views over the High Island Reservoir. On arrival at Sai Wan there is the choice of relaxing on the beach, dining at a local beachside restaurant or exploring the nearby waterfalls – a world away from most perceptions of Hong Kong. We then take a gentle walk over the headland to the Ham Tim beach, enjoying the sweeping views of Tai Long Wan bay and Sharp Peak, the highest mountain on Sai Kung Peninsula. Following the walk we return by boat to Sai Kung.

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