Exploring Kep & Cambodia’s Southern Coastline

Founded as a seaside retreat for the French elite in 1908, Kep now draws travelers in owing to its affable gentle pace and sensational sunsets – not to mention the delightful seafood and Kep National Park on its doorstep. It boasts an impressive range of boutique hotels, differentiating itself from Sihanoukville and the islands. An afternoon here can entail nibbling on peppery crab at the famed crab market and sauntering along its intriguing coastline, dotted with charming fishing villages.

Cruise Asia by Destination Asia Cambodia has created a program titled, ‘Getting to know le Kep’, whereby passengers disembarking their ship in Sihanoukville can spend a full day exploring all that this fascinating region has to offer. From Kep port our motor coaches wait to take passengers on a scenic 1.5 hour journey to Kdat Fishing Village. Here it is possible to see the daily work of local fishermen and those who arrive to purchase their favorite seafood. Then it’s off to nearby Kampot to admire the classic, peeling yellow French architecture that runs up and down the streets joining the meandering Praek Tuek Chhu River. Then working our way back toward Sihanoukville, we stop at a local crab market in Kep and enjoy lunch at the Sailing Club Restaurant right on the sea front.

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