New Year Tales and Culinary Expeditions in Hong Kong 

To celebrate the New Year, Cruise Asia by Destination Asia Hong Kong has created an exciting new program for World Cruise as part of their forthcoming visit on 1 January 2020, highlighting some of Hong Kong’s best culinary experiences.

Hong Kong is one of the most talked-about dining destinations in the world: it’s where celebrity chefs from across the globe compete to showcase their talent, and where diners come in droves to be the first to tuck in. Influenced by both Eastern and Western cultures, and with everything from streetside stir-fried snacks and wonton noodles to spicy crab, Hong Kong is a city rich in local culinary traditions.

The New Year program kicks off with a cooking class in making Shanghai steamed mini pork buns at a Michelin-recommended restaurant. After tucking in and tasting the fruits of their labour, guests will make their way to a wet market to experience the local Hong Kongese way of life.

Synonymous with gatherings filled with family and friends, drinking tea has also become deeply ingrained in the local culture and forms a part of daily life. At our final stop, guests will discover the art of drinking tea firsthand during a traditional tea ceremony at a Chinese tea house.

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