Bangkok’s Arts of the Kingdom

A stopover in Bangkok allows time to explore this enthralling city that is home to such a diverse selection of attractions. Cruise Asia by Destination Asia has created a very unique experience focused around one of the capital’s intriguing art collections. The ‘Arts of the Kingdom’ is a collection housed in one of the most impressive buildings in Bangkok, the Ananta Samakhom Hall (image) – a former official Throne Hall of his Majesty the King of Thailand, now used from time to time for state occasions. We peruse the fine collection of art and visit the 49.5 meter high dome in the centre of the Throne Hall. The domes and walls are covered with paintings by Professor Galileo Chini and Carlo Riguli, depicting the history of the Chakri Dynasty from the first to the sixth reign.

During the afternoon we visit Vimanmek Palace, the world’s largest golden teak mansion built by King Chulalongkorn (Rama V) in 1900 as his summer palace and home to his photographs, art and collectables picked up on royal visits to Europe.